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1987 Studies at the Georgia Institute of

Electrolysis in Theory & Practice of Electrolysis & Short wave.


Theory & Practice of Advance Techniques for the

Practicing Electrologist.


1999 training in Permanent Cosmetics under the

instruction of Barbara McClure BSRN with

credentials as an expert technician, with certification

from leading schools and practitioners in the field.


2003 Advanced Permanent Cosmetics and Tattoo

Lightening and Tattoo Removal Procedures.



 I specialize in brow design, Permanent, using electrolysis and in some cases permanent make-up to fill-in and recreate brow tails.  Scar camouflage is also one of my specialties.  Scars in brows are very common, scars that have left hypo-pigmentation can be toned down, as not to stand out so much!  Face lift scars that again have hypo-pigmented can be covered and blended.

I was the first person in the county to offer the semi-permanent lash extensions.  These lash extensions are custom designed for your eyes and look.  They are natural looking and feeling.  High maintenance for sure, the propaganda says they stay on for 3 months.  In my years of doing them I found out very quickly that was not a true statement! So don't fall for that!  

The non surgical facelift I provide is a technique using a micro current to stimulate the muscles in your face. I love it!  When I first was introduced to it I was a guinea-pig for a friend.  I never made the before and after picture portfolio!  What I discovered after the treatments was that my eyes where more open, my upper lip had plumped back up and my skin felt great.  I asked "why can we do my neck" I was told we could do it but she just wasn't going to include that.   I got hooked and then the treatment was no longer available to me.  That is when a friend found Beautiful Image.  I purchased the machine and the rest is history.  It will work on both faces including the neck and the body.  I took 3 inches off each leg of a client of mine.  Yes it took 30 treatments but wow.  No knife or lipo.  How long does it last, it's like going to the gym for your face.  I ask you what happens when you stop going to the gym or stop getting your nails done etc.  Once you got thru a series of treatments 10 and up depending on age.  The maintenance is monthly.  Everyone's individual results vary, like with anything.  I hope to just maintain, yes we are all going to age I just want to do it gracefully without the knife if I can help it.  My opinion, the earlier you get started the better you'll maintain your beauty.  Oh that goes for everything in life!!


Diana L. Salas, RDH